Collection Update - June 2024

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I set up my collection to survive without me for a week. Let's see how it did! 10 June 2024 • Collection inspection after one week away Warm temperatures, high humidity, frequent watering, ample's summer in the tent! Everything is growing well. Now, the challenge is to keep night temperatures sufficiently cool for those high-elevation species. 25 May 2024 • Summer is here Loving all the fresh green
Finally shipped off all my sold plants, and bought a new one to try, a cool grower 18 May 2024 • Growing growing growing, and a new plant Join Stephen Van Kampen-Lewis and William Green as they look at various Catasetinae and discuss which ones are ready for water. 11 May 2024 • Are my Catasetums ready to water? Orchid chat Today I watered all but a couple of my Cycnoches & Clowesia
Most Nepenthes are forming new pitchers
Cattleya growths are pushing everywhere
No buds on C. rex yet, but 4 sheaths
HAL is pushing a second spike 12 May 2024 • Time to water Catasetinae Bulbophyllum echinolabium 'HAL' has opened flower number 2
Nepenthes are gaining momentum
Cycnoches and Clowesia are ready for water
Cattleya growths expanding
Lots of nice flowers and displays at Denver Botanic Gardens 4 May 2024 • Collection update + Orchid show @ Denver Botanic Gardens Clivia & Bulbophyllum blooms
Finally starting to get a bit of space back in the tent
Cycnoches are getting tall, will begin watering within a couple weeks
All the Cattleya seedlings need attention 27 April 2024

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